Verizon’s iPhone

It was 1 am in the morning today. At 1.05 am I joined the list of proud owners of Apple’s iPhone!

I am a “loyal” Verizon subscriber, so they sent me a link for getting the iPhone early this morning at 1 am on first come first served basis. I had heard stories that people lined up at the book stores in the past in the middle of the night for Harry Potter’s books (my kids included), but never understood the craze. I was surprised to mirror the same excitement this morning even though I have used iPad for past few months. Fortunately (!) I was working late last night thanks to the profession that we love – so it was not that difficult to order that late (or early).

This morning I also read a story on New York Times which also boosted my pride. Here is the link to that article –

Well, as Verizon ads claim, I look forward to using “the phone that changed everything”.

One thought on “Verizon’s iPhone

  1. Just don’t expect to use the phone outside of North America. I made the same mistake with the Verizon Google phone and now can’t use it when I travel to Europe (which I do twice a month!)

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